Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a bespoke design cost?

This is a tricky one, as every bespoke piece we design is unique to you.  There are many different elements that factor in to the price.  Such as the amount of metal needed, the amount of stones to set, the complexity of the design and more. We are here to help you and will work towards any budget you have as best we can.  

How much will my redesign cost?

Each redesign is special and unique to you which means there are no set prices.  We will guide you and work towards a budget that you are comfortable with.  All of our design and redesign services are done on an estimate basis with no obligation until you given a price and proceed.  

Can I have an estimate first?

Yes, if you require, we provide estimates for all of our services free of charge. 

Why have my stones fallen out?

No jewellery is invincible.  Your stones may have come out for many reasons however the two main ones are wear and tear or accidental damage caused to your jewellery.  The most common piece of jewellery affected by these factors are rings.   

Can you replace my missing diamond?

Yes ofcourse! We will appraise your exisiting diamonds and match the replacement diamond to them.  

Can you size my ring?

Yes!  If your ring has become too small for you or too large we can size it for you in our workshop.

Simply visit us at our lovely shop in Yarm High Street where we will check the new finger size you require.  If we are reducing the size we will work the metal back in to your ring and if we are increasing the size we will always add metal unless asked to stretch.  

How long will it take to make my jewellery?

Our time frames change all the time depending on how much we already have in our workshop.

Repairs often take 2-4weeks.

Redesigns often take 6-8weeks.

Bespoke designs can take months.  The main time is spent at the beginning whilst we are designing for you and finalising your options, such as choosing stones etc.  From the day you approve your design and proceed the making of your jewellery it can often take 10weeks+ depending on the complexity of the piece.  

Can I change a design I see on your website?

All of the items on our website are customisable.  Maybe you would like a bigger diamond or stone?  A different stone altogther? or just an alteration on the width.  Simply pop in to see us, email us or give us a call. We are happy to help with all enquiries, big or small.